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about fifty passengers out of nearly 700, by the Cholera. The disease broke out after
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Yet it was found that it was not the plate at all. It was the two
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enlargement and pain in deglutition, marked effects
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all syphilitics get brain syphilis, excluding general paresis
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titled. The treatment of appendicitis and its great
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This is pre-eminently the language of nomenclature.
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it has also been estalilished that the cells more conti-
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of the humours is apt to be increased, and the bilious erysipelas
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being the direct cause in many deaths reported as of
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Year award. Recipients are recognized for the civic, cultural, eco-
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the Treasury as compensation for the loss of the Stationers'
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tigations at this point-he will interogate the abdomen; ascertain
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Haven Dispensary, and was assistant to the late Dr. Francis
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in regard to supplies of fresh air. In comparing, for instance, the inhabit-
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the treatment of fibroma, that of endometritis and n.etri-
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It IS evident that this heading wiU include a lav^e
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cases radical cure is believed to have been effected. In this set of cases, in which
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Tennessee. In these, much to the praise of the profession, they have
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I found the article of Dr. Andrew M. Brown, as published
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Such has been the history of this disease, and the various causes given
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as it had been previously employed in studying the staining reac-
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ica who speak this tongue, and as a mark of recognition
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tection, especially for the deeper, thinner, facial
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electric arc, like the radiations of solar light, are carriers of
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produced. In this manner effects become causes, until ty-
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12. The Thermo-Electrical or Natural System of Medicine The
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child, nor covered it with anything, nor had I the slightest intention
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having existed prior to the present century is not clearly apparent in medical
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about half opened. In the majority of cases reported,
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assistant of a neighbouring medical man saw her, but left her after ordering
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This patient was a bright boy, five years of age, and, al-
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previously reported. In the newer experiments the observer used an


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