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be normal the prognosis is good, and the patient may be expected to
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ed, at others it is increased, with frequent desire to expel the urine, or at
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The signs of diphtheria, which has spread from the throat to the nose
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Midwifery and Medical Jurisprudence, by Waltxe Charriito, M.D. 10
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it may have a mortar-like appearance and consistence : small whitish or
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true of the mulatto. There are numerous examples of such phenomena
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well 700 days after the experiment, and, on its being killed, all the viscera
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On the Practice of Physic and the Diseases of Women and Children, by Johit Dklamatks, M.D.
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to notice. 1 am more and more convinced of the importance of attend-
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these symptoms who had been discharged from hospitals as cured.
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To obtain a broad surface for union, the vesical layer of the edge of
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in a neighboring city has been indicted for procuring an abortion, under
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/3. Granulation — Amphophile. — Cells frequent in rabbits and guinea-pigs in
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the Massowah vibrio simply as a variety and not as a distinct sj)ecies.
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the Society's '< Transactions." The occurrence of such cases was not,
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most acute febrile infections, and those which are the result of secondary
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partially upon present conditions of nutrition. Premature decay of tissue
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just all personal or bed clothing for medical examination. When the
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relation between exposure to foul emanations and an attack of diphtheria
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toms of nerve affections, the latter demand the principal consideration.
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veiir In advance, $3.50 aller three months, and $4,00 if not paid within tbe year.—Agente allow«4l
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guarded by skins of leather. The diet should consist of milk and wa-
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other less prominent symptoms. Thus, in typhus fever we have the
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treatment to be followed may be with one electrode applied to the nape
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inwards (obeying, in these motions, the laws which in crystals regulate
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as in some long watches she may lest she sleep. Needlework, however,
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this demand. To this infirmary every one is welcome. The exact con-
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(a) Texture ; being firm, tough, and coherent, or soft, loose, and
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Whether strictly " autogenetic " poisoning may occur in puerperal
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microbes, although they have not gone on to the formation of false mem-
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when the medicine is withheld. We do the same in bronchitis when
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so impressed itself upon the attention of a shrewd schoolmaster who has
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ment of Pulmonary Consumption, 1887. — 106. Williams, C. Theodore. " Treatment
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Cimiez, and Mont Boron present many attractions; they are moderately
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accumulation of the products of respiration in the blood, may be due to
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ceases abruptly. If the electrode be caused to slide over the surface


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