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found himself in a beautiful place where he beheld a stranger

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to wait further investigations ere they use the uncertain mixture.

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but bone lesions have been observed in per cent. and brain

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Dr. A. Walter Suiter presented the following Eeport of the

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responsibility of the committee and the work it would entail upon them.

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of a rapidly acting nerve mechanism but the primitive vegetative

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ments followed. The author supposes that the accelerator and the

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Water entered largely into tlicir metliod of treatment

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The patient herself may derive valuable information from the

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same result can be produced in the human subject by the same

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workers believe it is due to delay in intestinal ab

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we regret that his puUieations were not more frequent. In the

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are etiologically related to arteriosclerosis and aneurism. Syphilitic

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time only in the stomach but is passed onward into the intestinal

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ada will not extend her quarantine so as to make it a

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To this meeting not only should representatives of State boards

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are making very active endeavors to advance the cause

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which are constantly jamming themselves into the con

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suppressed excitement when we are waiting for something to happen and on

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is determined strictly to adhere to the truth one cannot

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should be made and the pani lilets kept in numbered boxes each box

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are conferred by the Faculties of Paris Montpellier

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came to use Clover s aspirator at every operation until

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tances may be made at the risk of the publishers by forwarding

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membership but receives a copy of the proceedings which is

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Tibbaig conBultin pliyaiuians Charles Douglass J. J. Mul

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In the same class we should rank the paper which follows next in

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seven years been unable to voluntarily void urine and that bis

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ointment one part mixed with five or six. parts of vaseline applied

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whole session. These however are negative blessings. But no

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following the same ancient local methods from year to year but should

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mania A controlled comparison of lithium carbonate

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predisposing have prepared the system for their reception.

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a congeries of blood vessels and nerv es such as generally go to

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as has been shown in an earlier lecture dates from about. Buch

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Examinations are held daily in all the branches taught in the


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