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degree. They also exert a similar action on the pulse
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pay any sum which he could command, if he could ease
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tion stone of public hygiene, by enacting a law in 1639
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rounded by a currant-jelly clot. The clot was round or oval
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phenomena that indicate the possibility that what we
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of the sewers and that the typhoid rate is always higher
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We have positive evidences of the disease having been
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102 cases, with 68.4 living children, and Leopold and Loehmann,
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of which he was a graduate. Besides being a fellow of the
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little notice. When one considers the great variability
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him. During a paroxysm the vertigo increases, the tin-
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Banquet to Dr. Hare. — A banquet will be tendered Dr.
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Case 4. — Cystitis; ureteritis; disappearance of right kidney
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a member of the City Board of Health, may be decided to be
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this is rarely enforced except in smallpox, in the case of
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mental in producing the mobility of the left kidney.
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are actions before such tribunals that they have caused
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Dr. Francis W. Murray, second vice-president; Dr. Ogden C.
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cane, and the function of his limb was remarkably good consid-


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