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portion of the abdominal and not of the pelvic cavity,
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of blood. Hemorrhage returned on the 21st day and our patient
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fracture site that is aggravated by weight bearing. On physical
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prophylaxis of disease. The experiments of Dr. Harris,
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Hospital on December 4, 1865, to undergo an operation for relief of a
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. He described his headache as if the brain were pressed in
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extant. It was practiced by the dissolute nobility of ancient Rome to
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period, the tendency being to abandon it too soon be-
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common disease, has a comparatively small mortality,—
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mena witnessed in common in various lesions of the brain, I cannot
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ture, that is, a compound comminuted fracture of the
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souri, and received the degree of M.D. from the Medical
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generated after destruction of the parietal lobe,' following a
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cases they are purely functional. In some cases it is undoubtedly true
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useful utero-placental vessels. Nature, ninety-nine times
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opathy has been felt not only by its members, but by those who


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