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me that poultices fomentations lotions of vitriolated zinc amp c.
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no instance to have been comparable with those after the
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especially in those cities most exposed to infection. Special
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and very firm. As much of the fluid as could be got away
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of resistive vitality in the nervous system. This is particularly true as regards
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suffered for a week froiu intestinal obstruction. She was very much
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A year ago the youth eullVred severely from rheumatic
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longations internally. They are all situate in ihe course of the
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two weeks. I can t talk with him anymore but he writes
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ducing cyanosis but its influence is certainly far less than generally
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adjusted but no sneezing occurred and the operation was performed
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jective symptoms the latter though not so marked as
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tion the proteids suffer on the whole a reduction some
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ficial erosions only with slight hsemorrhage. In most cases however ag
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frequent sudden t itching pains in the neck ai ms and trunk occasional
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shown. For example over feeding on linseed cake induces a
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voured to make patent the external meatus but without
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places in France and that it has since reappeared for example at Toulon


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