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organs. Diuretics, such as digitalis, may be of use, but almost

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wing for a maternity will be erected on ground recently

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One advocate of the new method of treatment gravely

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history of man. All the objects mentioned in the catalogue, besides others

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them, therefore, the destinies of the society are suspended. If they fail, it

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San Francisco as derived from the report of the commission of

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all connection with the parent institution at Canonsburg, and erecting it

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Case 5. — Mr. P., aged 47, gave a history of gastric disturb-

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inflating the lungs, and the like. By his "manual examination" he had

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cities of the country indicates that there is a real demand

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suddenly started from his sleep with horror depicted on his countenance,

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temperature seemed to be out of all proportion for renal

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contagious diseases, against which it is the duty of the

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also derived from the ectoderm, certain cells, namely

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ally entered the development of the new field where pro-

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the other I prescribed the compound mercurial pill and the black wash.

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in the region of the joint affected. The muscles are all

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Medical Service Iiegislations. — There is a bill now before

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execution by those for whom they are specially intended ; but we fear, like

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tem with saponized coal-tar, and as a consequence they

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testes are neither larger nor smaller than before taking the iodine.

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the fact C6^^ miraculum inauditum ; and Planque was equally puzzled, as

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similarly unchanged; indeed, it was so remarkably firm and fresh, that

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bones or tearing skin, he has more credulity than I possess. There is no

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been pushed to the point of general disturbance of the system ; and, as

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Medical College of Georgia, Dr. P. F. Eve, who at once decided on an

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Case and Review of tbe Literature, with a Discussion of the So-

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tied with silk, the ends being left long and hanging from the

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found of some value. It is not, of course, necessary to follow

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demonstrated by Wollaston,^' and later verified by Four-

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and neck; pulse scarcely perceptible, cannot be counted at the wrist; heart

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the medullary sheath. Removal. Death after 2 days. Reference:

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