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The coU)ring matter appears to be an altered product, because the fresh

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and, in some cases, caustic, when applied externally.

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cylic acid, urotropin, the mineral acids (except nitric acid), and

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Phthisis. I Croup. 1 Scar. Fev. I Pneuraou. 1 Variola. I Dysentery. I Tj-p. Fever. I Diphtheria.

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dispensary system in New York, and for many years was president of

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corresponding side of the cot or stretcher, and vice veraa. In like

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-creates very sensible alterations in the bodily functions-:

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patients under my special care during the whole of their treatment,

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mend tiiat, instead of being carried by a belt around the waist, the

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first stage is to be considered as special — that is to say, as the mani-

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tliing discovered, in the division and distribution of the arteries of

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ties so properly set forth in the letter which has just been reaj:!, how

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Communications Received — Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Middlesex East

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The strongest men were taken, and without premonity symptoms,

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inferior to it. Small doses reflexly stimulate the heart and

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Bose.—B.., 3ss.-ii, (2.-8.) ; D., gr.i.-xv. (.06-1.).

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man are copious and of the rice water appearance character-

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dyspncca was much relieved, but not entirely; nor was the couiilu

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symptoms were great debility and dyspnoia, the latter being, how-

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the best antidotes to carbolic acid, giving rise to the harm-

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Hexamethylenamina. Hexamethylenamine. Ce Hn N4. (U. S. P )

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'the sensory nerve endings and muscular tissue. The respira-

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meters. Only those official drugs and preparations of the United States

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near the village. This fact doubtless had some connection with the

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