Augmentin Rashes

turbation thus induced in the special sense centres communi-
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The 287 deaths registered in Glasgow included 18 from measles. IS from
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ment Board, on February 28th, was so favourably received by
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utmost economy, its income was iusufBcient and precarious,
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lytic affections of the lower extremity, the former perhaps
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classes. Special hospitals, Poor-law infirmaries, sanatoria,
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holds a place for good in our therapeutics. Dr. Cyrus Edson,
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two cases of exophthalmic goitre under my care, in one of
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that there had been neglect." When asked by the coroner what they
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was no cause whatever for alarm on the subject. He was carefully watch-
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Such, too, are the slight cases of typhus which pass for
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Pkesentation.— Dr. James Munro, of Moffat, wis on March
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fingers is suflicient to break up the mass ; when thus disinte-
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The words he added were none too strong: "But when he
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Hunter, — they endeavoured to find in a certain region the
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for oxygen has been so great that they have been able to de-
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described, the faults of each are pointed out, and consequently
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power of the bladder to empty itself, as has been asserted
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Si/p//i/is and the Nervous Suitem. Being a revised reprint of
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1H7I1, vol ii. p. 211, entitled. " Were the Priests of Ancent Egypt the First
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other refuse, may be available for manurial purposes.
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cancer. He had had a case a few years ago where the patient
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tween the arachnoid and the pia mater, but, as most patients
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lord should be liable to criminal proceedings if the plans
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tiglit and firmly tied. Should there be any puckering at the
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ferent hospitals, it was found that very fewcouldbe explained
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the abdomen was filled with blood, the patient seemed too
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that deceased was delicate from birth, and refused to take
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section and the various subjects which will be dealt with at
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limits of possibility." As a rule, science demands a more
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oozing of blood, which occurred on the second day, was readily
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less distinctive names than in ague, they range from the
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amongst them being a successful case of Ligature of the In-
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which had undergone cystic degeneration, giving details of
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thymus gland, since its activity seems to be essential to the
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graver type. Had the disease been infectious from person to
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was fractured. The following was the present condition : The
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Harrison, M.B., Parkstone ; Mr. J. Hutchinson, London; Dr. Herman,
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cians of our metropolitan hospitals. During the long series
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tice, after endoscopic examination, where the prostate has
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tive, as it includes a certain number of persons in whom the
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were immediately relieved by the small opening into the


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