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Henschen himself admits that there is not a sufficient anatomical basis
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were retained for inspection by the Federal inspectors. At the time of the visit facilities i
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and as soon as this report is received by the employee whose duty it is to mark rejected
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school of medicine which became famous throughout the world as
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,■„,. tl..' rliriniral III y. it is i s.„ry to \W,\ a h.^lltnil filt ,.uss..s.i..<.'
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1 Stuart, H.C.: Effects of Protein Deficiency on the Pregnant Woman and Fetus and on
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that "not any single animal used for food in any part of .the world
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liyp.'rt'lycfiiiias must !..■ ..n.' ..f ..ur aims in tli.' t r.'.itm.nt ..f .iiHy sta.^'cs
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imt til' fniiruttiii tliat Hilly alinilt 'JH Jior cclit cil' the lotal I'Xlioliditiii ■
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there appears to have been a recrudescence of the disease, and the
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30. Lahey, F.: Surgical Diseases of the Colon and Terminal
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It has been acknowledged in all countries haying a rigid system of meat inspection
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To injected tuberculous infection, quite independent of the charac-
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,1„. spinal ,1.is. for it ,lisap,.ea,s ul„-n the ,,osle,-ior s,nnal roots a,-e
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forward and aft of the midship section until permission has been obtained from the Chief
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Langer.* These authors found that the atrioventricular valves were
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celiac axis with metastasis to the left lobe of the liver.
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of the two organs. The control perfusions, however, did not show
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scapular lymph gland. On the opposite side of the neck the pre-
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causes and conditions invariably found to be associated with the
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processes are different. In the larger houses, where 300 to 500 hogs
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those who still believe the best results will be ob-
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pass through the shower bath, are labeled, and go to the cooling rooms,
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cal edge of the cylinder is pressed against the skin,
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adopted as would insure the removal of these restrictions and do
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cases of fractures which had been treated by multi-
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180 pounds per head would make this an annual export of about
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aseptic surgical technique, and in no instance are bacterial counts given.
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Bender is but one of the great American army of chair-warmers,
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containing 4,174 head of cattle, being reinspected.
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ball. Further stimulation is also desirable, when practicable, in
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wise put in a condition acceptable to the inspector in charge. All floors upon which
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"Premarin" Tablets of 2.5, 1 .25, or 0.625 mg., and
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