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Variola, or Smallpox — Anatomical Characters — Clinical History — Causation — Diag-
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Gastric hemorrhage, in the vast majoiity of cases, has no claim to be
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rence of a perforation of the intestine. Upon examination after
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istration is w^ell suited to this, as also to other affections in which it is
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exercise, mental excitement, over-ingestion of food, and the abuse of alco-
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suffering in certain cases. So far as these symptoms are dependent on
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be fetid. The bloody streaks and pus point to ulceration ; the fetor points
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tute the chief morbid appearance. This appearance, however, may be pro-
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a feeling of incapacity for muscular exertion greater than the actual loss
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perhaps, not destroj^ed. Purity of the water used as a drink may be an
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or subcrepitant rales. It is stated that a true crepitant rale may be pro-
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the frequency of the dysenteric evacuations, and relief of the tormina and
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Demme has seen a morbilliform eruption with abundant
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latent ulceration, is to be very strongl}^ suspected whenever the aflection
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A question of this kind is settled not by a theory based on histological
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recurrences with intervals of doubtful health. It may also be
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to twelve days only a slight hyperaemia was left. With-
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her integrity and wisdom ; expressing at the same time, his last
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In the management of cases of disease, mental influences are often of
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The alkaline salts (carbonate of soda and potassa) have been found to
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in some five hours, having in the meantime brought about
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pain is sometimes marked, and felt especially on movements of the body.
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In accordance with these objects, depletion by bloodletting or other


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