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lowing questions. They are suggested by a notice in the 23d No. of
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leptothrix filaments (Figs. 3, 4, 5). The latter organism is always present
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In severe paroxysms of dyspnoea and asthma patients commonly fed
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time, in a strong room. He would frequently converse rationally, and
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grains two or three times a day, has been found useful by Trachewsky and
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To sum up, tetany may be regarded as a group of symptoms produced
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shape, with their base to the pleural surface. The nodules may be more
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Thb subs<M'iber proposes to take a few medical students, and to eonneet a mnall ecbool with ^ia
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much used recently. I have never seen any advantage from them.
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Mr. Wakley states, as the result of all the statistical facts he has
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symptoms are, of course, much more common in meningitis. In typhus
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is rare in uncomplicated cases. When tetany occurs in the course of an
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arts and in the sciences to their unwearied and indefatigable exertions.
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when common-sense fails, vanity sometimes comes to the rescue.
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volatile. It was supposed capable of imparting its own characteristic
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towards the abdomen ; or (4) pulling the legs up behind.
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before the operation has been commenced, sufficiently often to emphasize
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of great service in less severe cases of the same nature. — Dr. Luzen-
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occasionally in peripheral neuritis, it may be lost while the knee-jerks are
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danger to be apprehended ; as we believe it may be safely denied tbat
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Society of the County of New York, embracing the city, twenty dollars
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The dressing of her ulcers was changed, from litharge ointment (which
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have no faith in it. Theoretically it should be of service, because of its
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produce the most alarming symptoms ; it therefore demands very great
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[ is able to swallow, tlie most diffusible excitants, ammonia, ether, cam*
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give rise to persistent, continued (or intermittent) fever with no ascertain-
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whilst legislating, receatty, for the District of Cohiiabia, is given in da*
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day directly after food, the quantity of the drug being increased during the
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lungs with each inspiration, necessarily calls for more frequent inspirations.
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dislocation. But the series of misfortunes to which he is doomed by no
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are never so manageable in their cities, as in the cities of this country.
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altered when he realises how much of the past is contained in the accepted
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prolonged to twelve or eighteen hours, the condition of the stomach as to
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not by those who are in the daily habit of seeing the patient, but hf
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There are many brands of antidiphtheritic serum, varying much in the


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