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in fairly good health at the time she visited Mrs. Anna

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crease was nearly £2 per case. We should much have liked

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as they died of that disease between 1847 and 1853 (when

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approximately, the position of the exciting platinum electrodes. The portion of cortex removed corresponded pretty nearly with the shaded

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typical reaction was obtained upon revaccination last July in

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taken as showing that in smokers, at any rate, tobacco is posi-

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water for drinking or for the use of the housekeeper should

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and muscles are commendably clear, and the long section on

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Sanitary science is more ulten aasociaied with drains and disease pre-

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of its sheath, from which the engravings were prepared.

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Dr. Hale White" has practically settled this question. He

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healtli at the passing of the Act; (6) surveyors or engineers of local

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small that a quorum could not be obtained. Mr. Walter Long, the Chair-

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compared with tlie shameful statement by which it is

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attacked and 1 has died. I think, therefore, the figures show

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upwards may occasionally be given, but the reverse is gene-

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no case were leprosy bacilli undoubtedly found. In 2 speci-

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of scarlet fever patients in the Metropolitan Asylum Hospitals and in

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tically until we hit oS' the opening. This will at least nearly

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forced the foul air in the subsoil up into the houses. The

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DiMSET. Surgeon, to the DitI.e of ]l\!lui', nn, April iith ; William B. Dkew,

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to in the report, and each observer seems to have his pet

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to infer a liability for damages when pursuer was a consent-

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celebrated and prosperous, and he expressed the opinion that

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