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alkalies which increase metabolism, such as Karlsbad salt,

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in the bottle when Smith began to drink it. There were found in the

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1932. Payne, Franklin L., Univ. of Pa. Hospital (4)

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they were far behind us in Canada, as far as their methods

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As a result, this hospital, whose specialist staff" had been drawn

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of the colonies, length of the chains, production of marked acidity in

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places the newspapers state that public sentiment would

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if not wholly cut off, and polyneuritis was greatly accelerated. The loss

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may well suggest endocarditis. A dry paroxysmal abortive

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In case 12, just described, convalescence was entirely satis-

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in the treatment of pharyngitis in electuary. A favorite

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rapidity of the pulse. This rapidity of the pulse is

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t Registration did not commence in Ireland tillJanuary 1, 1SG4; the

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that the passage of air through it was prevented ; the exter-

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Europe from the end of the fourteenth century for over two

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of urine drawn off. The spasm of the bladder ceased,

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day as by night. Henoch mentions two such instances — one had hallu-

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I. Wings Without Spots. — 1. Anopheles bi/nrcatus, Lin. (1758).

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more useful to mankind. It is only in a rough way that the

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Fragmefits of Wood in the Boiuels — Foreign Body in

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(c) Abdominal Conditions Apart from the Specific Bowel Lesions. —

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Sigma College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore, Md.

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348. — r.iup6 (P.) Delia trasformazione deir endotelio in

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the fall diminishes greatly. The shampooing should not be repeated

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I ,; P tyrozin fr the same urinary sediment [Frericht.) 200 diam,

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cases gave rise, and in which the most distinguished chemists took

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temporary artificial anus, and in which the obstruc-

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that he and his followers sell to patients for $j.oo or

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