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tion seemed scarcely less frequent than direct trans-

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has had no pain in his stomach for the past few weeks. This

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candidate for a vacant office. In the present instance, and also

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cervix uteri ; and with this view I am inclined to give my

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" carking care," disturbing the liver as regards its

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is no such disorder. His remaiks that there is no ftlxile aflBsolioBia

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earlier exacerbations, even though these may cause complete blind-

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creased to the right and the respiration became more

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qualifying before the State Board of Medical Examination and Registra-

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the clinical showings, it seems inevitable that the view of the subject

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— We are requested by the committee on the Boylston Medical Prizes to

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should not be exhibited. The indications for the use of the drug are

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factor enters into the problem of the passage of the head

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decided to forcibly open the stenosed orifice, in the

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measles. It was first localized on the face and then

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attending long compression of the cord and an impacted

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Other remedies that possess great value in certain cases are creaaote (m

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known as traumatic fever — ^none more seemingly capricious and

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dentistry and other mechanico-scientific callings." While

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Materia Medica as a Science. By J. P. Dake, A. M., M. D.

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very violent cougliing or vomiting, which accounted to some

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for physicians and students, 553; Jackson, G.T., the ready reference

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tions — the specific effluvia, — from cases of small-pox in human

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was as prevalent in parts of Europe as it is throughout In-

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certainly under conditions favorable to absorption ; yet, to his astonish-

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the report of a case occurring in a woman twenty years of age, in

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history of a case is lai^ly a matter of personal equation. That

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lessness with which the method is being apjjlied, regardless

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Scientists. Others find relief by recognizing their troubles and

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" I elect to stand or fall by the results of my treatment in scarlet

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ising them with diseases in the Hospital ward. I wish that

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layers of the dura covering the granulations. Furthermore, the dura

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of bacteria or their products, but no widespread increase of the fibrous

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furlher report on holocain as a local anesthetic in ojihthal-

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of coffee daily. His general health was good; weight, one

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serum the bacteria formed small white colouies, at flrst

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accurate observers, and I noted the same with reference to the

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it may be an arbitrary interpretation of the Greeks

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^ band, she found herself pregnant last February for the first time. No

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limited space. We can in conclusion merely mention the names


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