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terial diseases find their ineans of diffusion in food is so well known as
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pocrates pointed out the occasional value of similars, that is, of drugs which
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zur ^Hologie des Wundstarrkrampfes. Dissert. Giittingen, 1885. — 17. Rosenbach.
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of treatment, which had succeeded one another since the sixteenth cen-
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laid on a circular plate, surrounded by a trough containing water which the
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cially in the poorer classes, they are reckless with their expectoration.
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normal or morbid processes. These organisms, however, have not yet
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The only remaining question is whether the infection may be carried
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night. The air is free from dust and rich in ozone ; the character of the
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of the whole inflammatory process that the division becomes impossible.
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Uses. — They are usef id in dyspepsia, with irritability of the mucous
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may properly be called a filth disease : not that filth, miless infected
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without cauterisation, a little of the corneal tissue be removed, then in
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sor of an occult art informs the applicant of the past events of bis life,
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changes in the skin and appendages depended upon integrity of the former, and the
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oftentimes delirium and coma: and out of the commonest symptoms
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infant from whom I had removed a large adipose or fibro-adipose tumour
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a rate ? Let the speculations about ghosts, hobgoblins, witchcraft, dis-
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physical or chemical agents in healthy people do not spread, as a rule,
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sesses of compensating loss by increased production is not entirely absent.
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three transverse sections. The surface was afterwards dressed with
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Midwilery aiid .Miedical Jurisprudence, by Waltbb CHARfviifo, M.D. 10
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conjunction Avith some of the local means of treatment about to be
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to the dearest books on operative surgery, are elaborate enough on am-
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The cutis vera, presenting one or the other form of redness above
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been absolutely forgotten. However, we feel no less solicitous on this
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out aidditional expen.^e, to such students as may remain.
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the ground that the most perfectly retentive apparatus is that which
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was necessary if the treatment was not commenced until a quarter of
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feet) and Darjeeling (8000) in the Himalayas, with Ootacamund (7361)
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however, differed in many respects from Koch's comma bacillus ; and
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stimuli to the skin is tonic, that of warm stimuli is sedative. The effect
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of the same effect. The blowing of a soap-bubble, which expands be-
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cinoma, i.e. the serum of an animal in which malignant disease is so rare
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phrenologists to prove, not only that it is a constant fact, but that there
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especially for pruritus and for chronic varicose ulcers, deserves a trial,
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appearance, in the character of the colonies, and even in some of the
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action itself, and the consequence attributed to it. In both these points it
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