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Slightly less objectionable but not, however, much more
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moval was decided on. The excision was begun at the common duct, tw r o
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meeting. Bremen probably in 1901. The new directors of
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the joint. With regard to Brodie's abscess, he would like
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agree closely with the type which consumption assumes when it imme-
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at once when the mucus is expelled by coughing. Sometimes it
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184. Part of a Patch of the so-called Peyer's Glands (after Boehm), . . 824
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of deaths en voyage. The figures for 1886 do not in-
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gastroptosis, it is evident that improvement is not dij£cult to bring
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can you get high off etodolac 400 mg
ment was attained that in one week aft;er the medicine had been
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have been abandoned by all physicians excepting those who are unworthy to
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Horlick's food was dispensed as a pleasant drink at one of the booths.
can etodolac 400 mg get you high
the left; feeble pulse, and the well-know^n gangrenous
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that day contained as many as 2036 patients, each of whom,
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movements, the manifestations of true sensibility and volition which they present being very
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cians to separate classes of boys and girls on the subject of sex ;
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Cerium oxalate (gr. v to viij — 0.32-0.51), in capsules before meals; calomel and
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these annexes and the several sensory areas, and that the combined sensory
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The after-treatment in these operative cases also con-
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possession of her faculties, she took care of herself and
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ignorant friends are of the same opinion, and their solicitations to eat become one
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son being the petitioner in the lunacy case was estopped
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•obsequies. He died on the 13th inst., in his 63rd year, and
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chiefly owing to a directness of expression, and an
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Dr. Williamson was not an associate of this class :
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wife was the patient and that the confidence, the revelation of
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Dupuytren's instrument and the thumb. Patient was able to bear the compres-
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no use ; but if any reflexes were present there might still
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patient, a married woman, thirty-three years of age, had
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at once by vigorous rubbing in a cold wet sheet. The peculiar
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stantly tearing it, I did not think of applying blisters to the head, being
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often enough for a dog to be washed, first using tepid and rinsing
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. serious systemic condition and a grave prognosis.
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Patients, the Dressers to the Out-Patients, and the Clerks and Dressers in the Special Departments
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In cases of pyloric ulceration the relief it gives is absolute.
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clear fluid, while in the ampulla there existed a collec-
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and the greater number of specific disorders such as
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his life. Patterson then said to Sexson : " Now we are in for it. If I am
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alerting the investigator to possible methodological
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psoriasis whilst going about and wearing ordinary clothing; he must
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James Spencer, living in Warren, Pa. The case was a very
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any rate when such marks of violence are not visible, and there is no evidence
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rhoid is reached. A second curved incision is then made
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an infected individual; but there are manj wdtauthenticated cshi
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The discharge had ceased after the third day. He had
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leged malpractice, or other matters affecting their profes-
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fecundation the fact is not mentioned that John Hun-
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by the finger. The immediate effect of the tapping was most in-


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