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II The financial statement is in the hands of the meetinrr.

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subject has occurred in the Medical Society of that place. What-

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rounded projections, some as large as an apple. It weighed sixteen

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[Operation is as follows: — A twitch having been applied, and the

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orifice for the time being rendered patent ; but contraction soon recurs,

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Meteorological Records. — Dr. Ingleby MACKENZIE called the atten-

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mittee of Council ; and whether it might not be better to have only one

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ever, it is not improbable the large mass of the number of slight opera-

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facture of which sugar is employed ; for, if the organic impurity in the

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the case of the young woman just detailed. In the following case, how-

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times were foreshadowed and had their foundation laid

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peritoneum ; in two cases the abdominal cavity contained a rather

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from the right nostril, however, persisted, and later increased and

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The Great Wonder of the Age, and can be so called with propriety and truth ! — I

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it in time becomes obstinate, and can only be dealt with b}/ steady,

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In this institution, between the years 1859 and 1S69, both being in-

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I made out a shoulder-presentation. Another pain, before I could

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distant the prospect that the profession should gain a direct voice in the

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London, 2 p.m. — Royal London Ophthalmic, 11 a.m. — Great

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Members having any communications for the meeting, are requested

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vated, and may be supplemented by respiratory and gastric troubles

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feeling of insecurity and mistrust induce us, however, to recal to

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tion hinges — these relate entirely to the means by which the diastolic cha-

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" stable pneumonia." All these affections are said to be but varieties of " Pasteitrellosisy

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its greyish colour and firmer consistence. Its right portion assisted in

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was adherent to his side) ; mother died at 52, of heart-disease and dropsy.

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uppermost ; it measured ten and a quarter inches in length, and nine

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time, but as soon as their effects are passed off the symptoms return ;

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past few days in the Southern military district, including the Royal

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which come no higher than the waist, but of preventing any ugly stooping from

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dents: Dr. Sanderson and Dr. Hayden. Secretaries: T. C. Nesham,

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on the sides of the neck, a few about the eyelids and on the nose, a

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Next day the general condition was stationary, the disease taking

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were normal and the pulse was good. The animal ate slowly but

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in the sixteenth century, 130 ; in the seventeenth century, 213 ; in the

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consequence of some severe operation on, say, the right fore-foot, has

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we allude to the immediate objects of the Association, we may be

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tion, since he has done more than any single individual in this country

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