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1:1000 and in from V 2 to 1 grain to the ounce it is a valuable antiseptic

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and chief among these are acute septic and malarial poisons. The most

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Etiology. — Tlie etiology of niuUilocular hydatids is the same as that of

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prominent symptoms, and speak of simple, foBcal, or stercoraceous diar-

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tive treatment consists in removing the cartilage under the strictest

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surgery of the urethra, cystic, tubercular, and cancerous disease of the kid-

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and of the Proprietor, in bnlh, congh, or in powder.

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VII. Finally, this symptom appears nearly three times as often in females

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operative. Palliative treatment consists in the application of heat for

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ventilated houses, and are surrounded by unfavorable hygienic influences.

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the primary obstruction, the attending peritonitis may cause jiermanent

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after the eighth that the patient survives increasej his chance of recov-

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Matron. Th^ are instructed by the latter and by the head nurses. In case

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the mouth, and there is a strong urinous odor emanating from the per-

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Iodide of i)otassium and mercury are the most relialjle remedial agents.

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Fascia and Tendons. — The repair of fascia means practically regen-

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