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of the urethra, and on morbid retention of urine. In the fii st of

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was simply made from coagulated blood, and contained a

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inverted position. Twenty days after the injury was received, the patient

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considers " that there exists a natural immunity in cattle

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not worth detecting; but I contend that, pathologically

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bromide of potassium should also be administered. It is evident that we

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turning to his emolument the possession of an important aux-

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The patient is to be placed upon his right side, with a pillow be-

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and inferior musces cut a larger figure than the lateral, but the latter are not to

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As regards the second, or the ground upon which the seed is sown, the

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of a perfectly radical surgical measure on the more or

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'-^'■l '!'■''' 'Im> arn..U-a h;. ;1,.- i„iur;. . A lumlur {HUKtuiv uill ,•c■^r,,l

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Redness. — This symptom is best seen in inflammation of the

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bones or blood. It removes the taste and color from most organic

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verbial pound of cure. The early repair of cervical and perineal lacera-

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or another to fasten its wild riot upon. The senses become

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in Wien (1882), 1883, 330-333. . Typhu.s exanthema-

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open near the proximal corner of each segment. The cirrus

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has led me to the conviction that it is a much less

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and intimatdy adherent to the t-heath of the posterior

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examined microscopically. The case will !)e published

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ground so that in any position the hair may be firmly seized and

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who have been in contact with cases of poliomyelitis.

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measures, the employment of physiological antidotes has

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tomographic scan of the abdomen showed massive enlarge-

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blisters, dry cupping, daily emetics, and a host of similar

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material submitted for publication is always reserved. TheVowr-

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not sufficiently attended to this distinction, and, consequently, have

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theritic cases, the symptoms resemble those of locomotor

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French investigators, we cannot regard this classification as final and

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pack was employed; in fourteen cases the treatment was merely

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the foetus are given. The diseases of the foetus are succinctly

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man (J. W.) Sero-di,ignosis of typhoid fever: a studyofits

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Cornstalks must not be fed until after the corn has blossomed, and the first feedi

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there is a hereditary history, often dating back several generations.

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being the primary localization. The pulling out of hair on the upper

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this nerve contains, and the sensibility communicated by its sensitive fila-

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with us contain only impetigo, ecthyma, acne, and rupia.

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normal or slightly diminished. The indican is frequently increased

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to have an invigorating influence on the muscles of respiration, .

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cavity and into joints, aspiration, ovariotomy, exsection of bones, ansDs-

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tims, and in possession of the millions his soul craved, he

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degree of glycosuria, we may probably explain the slighter susceptibility in the


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