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capillaries, such for instance as the spleen, and brain, because the
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The chlorures determine the formation of false membranes, not only in the
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concretions, so far from being augmented and consolidated by plastic lymph,
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acute, the middle at a right, and the lower at an obtuse angle ; from which he
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I think we should always keep in mind that nervous factors, such as
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."sought to explain it by referring to certain peccant and noxious humours m the
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" Secondary symptoms supervening where mercury has not been used, are,
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Thus of the 57 cases included in this analysis, 15 probably show
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cholera infantum, a disease manifestly connected with elevated temperature, is
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1913. The patient had been at the hospital from January 10, 1912, to
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the imagination over the human system, let us suppose that Alesmer and Delson
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to find any uric acid in normal blood. Abels 8 and Petren 4 obtained
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pains, but from what can be obtained from him through an interpreter it
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tained ir our last No. p. '2GH, will lie read with interest.
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involving vital phenomena; forgetful of the fact that such causes act a distinct,
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is apt to show constrictions, at the seat of the lesion, and if the
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overlooked the definite shadow of the tack lying head downward in one
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Personal History. At the age of three he had lobar pneumonia, at five
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lymphatic and doubtless produce injury of such character that
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and arguments adduced by the author will be esteemed perhaps a refutation of
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sacks are rare, and Mr. Crosse still holds that the encysted stone is
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that the serum has the greatest inhibitory effect shortly after the
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time there is a dilatation of the cutaneous vessels, independent of the
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to think that this may possibly have been due to a conversion of
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under the care of John Andrews, he was so nearly cured, in the course of
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more promptly; but to have pills consistent in a few minutes, and to have a ma-
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duodenum. This indicates a remarkable degree of secretory
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thrown by the acknowledgment of the latter in his reply.
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vestigation; it is neither adapted to a system of general pathology,
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top of the sternum. On the morning of the 19th of May, the nurse of the
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vision grounds, and are thereb}^ exposed to similar wants. These last
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ability of the liver to function properly, especially as regards its
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lymphocytes, 52 per cent. ; non-granulated mononuclear cells, 11 per
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