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from it ; one point is evident, viz., that the free carbonic acid is lost in

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gray matter of the cord with exudation of finely granular matter and

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noticed in the epidemics of 1817-18, and in 1819; the most prob-

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been made of the classes at Berkshire, Fairfield, New Haven, or^Das-

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viewing carefully the whole literature of the subject, I cannot but think that the above

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ordinary case the bed-pan, sanitary towels, sheets, night-dress, etc., should

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In a large number of localities, situated often under very different climatic

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Bouchard, aud Brissaud, 1891), and Brouardel and Thoinot {La fievre typhoide.

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meantime be thoroughly disinfected, and all clothing or infected objects


for new growth. A mother during lactation, over and above the normal

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immediate state of convalescence. The result of such a favorable oc-

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or livid red, with an appearance of a shining tension, the suffering be-

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much advantage by promoting the secretions. An emetic of ipecacuan-

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matters to raise the feet and legs, and place them on the clean linen before

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over the part, and then to rub in the pure culture. The incubation

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inflammation tends to be suppurative the greater is the breaking down


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