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Of the one hundred county superintendents of the public schools asked
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A. B. got, and iiow much C. D. did not. In a treal-
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vertebra. In early cases, of course, little may be seen, and in very fat patients
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Board of Health, j\Iass., not only in .stimulating exact
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stools associated with a high temperature, and when the
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Two or three years ago, a committee of the Royal Medical
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C.M.Edin., F.R.C.P.Lond., Assistant Obstetric Physician and Lecturer on
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toired'un d^-jeuner toxique. Bull. Soc. med. -prat, de Par.
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healthy, and the fumigation, no doubt, caused the death ; but if a little vapor
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Diseases. George Washington University, older). By Irving David Steinhardt, M.
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from another point of view, and have obtained some results which
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cations before the Council might be referred to such
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Sec. 3. Committee on Medical Ler/ialation. — ^I'he Committee
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knife, and taken away. The patient has had no further trouble.
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wounds, it is the only possible one, the only one worthy of modern
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only from the neighboring countryside, but even from
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true lobar pneumonia; they, however, had just arrived from the
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and it is his duty, to compel his patient to lie in bed
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striate ; fracture short and granular in the outer layer, and
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peared to have relatively mild disease and did not develop
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has administered the thymus gland in cases of tumor and reports decrease
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means of Bossi's 4-bladed instrument, and a 7 months' child
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which in an hour or two becomes a perfectly formed vesicle, and is
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and no other person in the establishment contracted small-pox.
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The patient ate at 12 m., then again at 6 p. m. each day. Between 11 p. m.
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he is desirous of recording such only as have come under his own imme-
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* British Medical ' and other journals. In the case on which he did the
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switched from citalopram to fluoxetine
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than a minute alter the cocaine was given the patient
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ingested purin be utilized in the synthesis of nucleinic acid, less would be
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is to be utilized for increasing the flexibility of the foot by


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