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is so attentive to his own precept on the value of facts, that he drops,

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quickness. The patient is particularly susceptible to complications affect-

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2. Flexors, same experiment, leg flexed, greatest ad-

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over twenty-four hours old, is treated for a few seconds with

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R.N.C. — Aftercare Coordinator. Ruth Savanella, R.N., A. Brenda

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the lobules collapses and participates in the formation of the fibrosis.

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urinary secretion, appetite, and thirst, and often by suppression of trans-

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what that part is, and how much it is, remain yet to be determined. Tlie

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mediate action in providing an inebriate asylum. At that session a bill was enacted

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attacks of malarial fever, become cachectic, and die early.

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The main object of their session is to receive the reports of

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a correct one, and whether a similar or an identical epidemic has not prevailed in some

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tervals between the daily rounds of visits, since he

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surface was recorded by a pencil sketch in the record.

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The Relation of Uterine Betro-deviation to Pregnancy.

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first fact brought to light was that the animal invariably

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lantic Fleet, to Marine Barracks. Port Royal. S. C.

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suffice for the protection of our city against its invasion

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detach and complete the bottom portion of the registra-

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have patients who are suffering from some form of fever, pneumonia, or any

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until there shad not be a city, town, village, or hamlet in the

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alteratives, because they probably act in various ways, and

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Arcari (A.) Grave defoi niitA rachitica degli arti infe-

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Voronezh Government, June 1 to July 21, 189^.] Yoyenno-

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Beitraege z. Kllnischen Chirurgie (Tubingen), April.

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Gentlemen intending to read Papers will oblige by at once notifying

clindamycin phosphate 1

one tube being used for the introduction of air into the

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the characteristics of the analytical instrumentation to incorporate modifi-

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are available, blood cultures are the most positive means of diagnosis.

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marked improvement on the '22i\i ; the dose of bromide was-

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at least one-half hour before the test Three periods of ten minutes each

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phthisis, the night-sweats, cough, and impaired appetite, have

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severe enough to cause a sloughing of the bone substance.

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be administered before, but after food ; (2) The administration


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