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dilatation of the heart from taking place. This method
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gall-bladder and less tender, that omental tumors are usually
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10. Surgery of the Colon. H. O. Walker, Detroit, Mich.
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consider all the facts and arguments presented. Such exami-
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in detail.' The injuries enumerated are those of the ureter,
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0.5 to 2.5 cm. in diameter, invading the muscle for
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spots constituting the typhoid eruption, and in the urine in
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and which he found too weak. The puncture should be done
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disposal of those who find the hotels crowded. With charac-
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Association might come to the relief of the Editor by limiting
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walls of the auricles render their perforation possible.
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Dr. Alexander A. E. ICcCandless, Pittsburg, has assumed
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slightest suspicion of disturbance in the eye, was as effective
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peutic value. It has no effect on articular rheumatism 'and is
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struction 27 cm. from the kidney, past which it was gently
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stantly shortening intervals until the pain became con-
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theories and hypotheses that have been advanced relative to
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gut sutures, I thoroughly dry out the flaps with sterile
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was, as the result of its own prescriptive policy, scarcely
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and forearm, and diffused most thickly over the head
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interfere with the work of the Sections. It is proposed
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Coincidently with the existence of symptoms of sec-
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19. Lichen Hypertrophicus. David Lieberthal, Chicago.
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and in scientific worth. The combination of three or
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trismus, no glandular enlargement, temperature normal. His
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quently utterly impossible to feel the sound distinctly,'
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no direct compression. No Improvement. Death 3 years later:
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to the body. Instead of being an useless and dangerous
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John Van R. HofT, major and surgeon, U. S. A., detailed to repre-
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than thirty years. May 4. after an illness of three years, aged
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the results as given, it would appear that the particles
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with all effort that tends to make diagnosis more defi-
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side depended entirely upon the variety of micro-organ-
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on the formation of normal epithelial tissue, and possibly >:lso
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cutting across the capsule posteriorly, forcibly abducted


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