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French .Society, and in part too by the English. During all the time we
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Library, Palace Green, at half-past two — the Warden (tlie Very Rev.
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A sufferer from scarlet fever, for a period of about a month from the
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India, in order to prosecute inquiries into the theory of the fungoid
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expediency of regarding the provision of those returns as, at the outset,
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with both hands, one above close upon the other ; and the res\ilt was
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passing the previous Examination, unless he has obtained honours in
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Riimsey, Dr. Maudsley, Mr. Thomas Erj-ant, I\Ir. Hills, Mr. Wheelhouse, Dr.
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upon the medical arrangements of the field-hospitals of the German
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HOMERTON FEVER HOSPITAL— Resident Medical Officer : applications, i6th.
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ately after the conclusion of the First Professional Examinations, at
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i\Iedicine that I think requires some comment. It is as follows : — " We are often
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Gray's Return on the Regulations of the Examining Bodies. It is very useful to
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body in one paper — which is limited in the time of its delivery to one
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organs of other infected individuals, or produced by the transformation
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can only express the wish that these ornamental discourses will not be
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lation of 18,996,916. The difference in the mortality from this disease
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lated several other cases. In a granulating surface after loss of the en-
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mayor, presided. It was said that the total raised last year in support
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sickness, their names cannot be continued on the Naval Medical List,
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ferred a straight to a curved cephalotribe. He had used the straight
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evolve an idea of the same from their inner consciousness and the de-
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been passed, at the meeting of the Association in Dublin, in 1867, the
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which a roller-bandage is neatly adjusted. The administration of from
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separation has since been affirmed by the Council ; but, as action upon
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COTON HILL LUNATIC ASYLUM, Staff"ord— Assistant Medical Officer: ap
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gust 5th (seventeen days after the accident) she got up and walked
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port W'ine colour. Through this rent the hand passed readily.
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London, 2 p.m. — Royal London Ophthalmic, 11 a.m. — Great
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ultimately the reward he so well deserves. The world is very exacting
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ponements, and urging on them the excellent virtues of careful con-
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in Paris the results of some experiments on the composition of bone;
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the lungs. Carbolic acid was to a certain extent only a volatile body.
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Groves, William Guy, Frederick S. Hardwick, George Hastings, Frederick
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thought by uncomplicated glaucoma, in which on dissection tumours
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It was stated at the opening ceremony of the University on Monday,
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exercise was commended as useful in its place; recreation being a
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ing to laws strictly mechanical, and not rationally.
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bourne Union, on the ground of the insufficiency of his stipend ; you
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St. Pancras, Bloomsbuiy, and Holborn. There will be accommodation
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weight at the expiration of three weeks ; and in the majority of these
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their annual meeting on Wednesday, the 26th instant, to add to the
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