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Both of these cases, therefore, recovered rapidly. It ap-

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therapeutic agent, and patients were not allowed to forget

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for duty in India, is posted to the Bombay Command in succession to

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when moistened with water immediately disintegrate and fall

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fully preparing to withstand seaborne cholera, inland dis-

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sides wliich he was livid, l)reathless, emaciated, and so weak as to

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so large and important a branch of medical study as anatomy

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frequency, I think that for, the present I should place them

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tt^riml pleura and pricked it, so that the lung might collapse

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and pathologist to the Richmond Lunatic Asylum, Dr.

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gery, and the second part, which followed six montlis later, is

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— (1) It should be made a penal ofience to inter, under any

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in over 43 per cent, of the cases the disease first manifested

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there had then been slight pain in the region of the stomach.

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borne out by the fact that like conditions obtain in cholera

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Mr. Gary N. Calkins. After the organisms have been filtered

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ciation desire to remind members of the profession engaged

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incides with the sequence of events I have noticed;

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following scarlet fever and diphtheria, he mentions that

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two. One of these is the pit bar, which has only a window

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naturally ask how much longer they are to be tortured while

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as alleged, that the deceaseds furniture and a policy for £i,00o were

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School; C. R. Dykes, Bristol Medical School and Mr. Cooke's School


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