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however, that there is no evidence of this being brought
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Cause and the Specific Cure of Hay-fever.— Dunbar *
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Hence the positions of the child at the beginning of labor resolve
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functions of those parts in which they exist in the greatest
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necessary to form an appreciation of the physiology of defe-
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page that said exam at the top. The nights were long
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ward displacement of the coccyx in labor, that increases
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with typhoid fever does not lose the disease or lessen the
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Slowing, increase in height of R, S, and T waves, and increased auriculoven-
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San Francisco, etc.), and simultaneously in the north of England
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for at least 24 hours after the gastric contents have
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tion of the cerebro-si)inal centres causing convulsions
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and is associated with hyper^emia, hyperaesthesia, and hy-
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borders of the stomach with the x-rays, the organ should be
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time. The result of such observations conducted by the
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and did we not see the cure? and must we not trust the evidence of our own
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med., Napoli, 1890, vi, 02; 290. Also, transl. : Arch. ital. de
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considering that deaths in Dublin from fever are actually nearly double
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Case I. — M. S., aet. 55, came to the Eye Infirmary under my care August 1,
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a minute description of the alterations in the cardiac muscle (granular
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with rigors, or chills, for she was living in a misamatic district, supposed
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George functions as general manager of the WVSMA and
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give a pathologic lecture on Wednesday evening, illustrated
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stationary ever since. His head often feels heavy and dull, but
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put strychnine and other poisonous drugs into liquid compounds, and then sell
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demic of 1889, been answered in a variety of ways. When the gener-
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presenting the appearance of an indolent ulcer of long standing.
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to the back, which, from the murmur also present here, probably has
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so far advanced, that means of cure would be self-evident. I
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time. This condition, as shown in Tracings 4 and 5 would appear to be
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tack. There is no mistake in diagnosis more commonly made in malarial i^
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and diiificull to pass, the exit for his patient to
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old foci of caseous disease at the apices of the lungs.
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generously gave leave of absence to Consul-General Greene in order
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tumor. The tumor, lobulated and of uniform density, extended from
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The subject of adenoid bypcrtropliy at the vault of the
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allegations of the critic in tlie Louisville MedicalJour-
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PHS. Active involvement in matters pertaining to innovative approaches to


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