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horse show of 1893, where she recei\'ed the first prize for harness

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few days the organ may become greatly swollen and entirely beyond

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hernias from looseness of the abdominal walls. In decrepit old age,

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carditis, or valvular endocarditis. This fact must always be borne in

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similar origin. In their case also the history constitutes a valuable

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If my theory of cholera is to be refuted, this can be done only by

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ineffectually the simple means used by the dilletante

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the possible result of the difficulty. At this stage of the disease, I happened to

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and casts, the hint may be permitted, that the Museum offers an excel-

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land ; Professor of Clinical Surgery in the University of Edin-

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completely disappeared ; but, in proportion as the cornea grew clearer,

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course of medicine. I commenced to take them immediately, and before I had

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it appears to me that when the system is so charged with the virus, as

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well-established repute is as useless as it is indecorous, something will

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remedies, and iodine in particular, by intra-venous injection are fairly

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The tumours were exclusively confined to the skin and connective

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Convalescence is short. Animals can generally return to work at

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present day had failed to supply a remedy, that it had not and could

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height of a few feet, and whitewashed for tlie rest, and are free from any

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Autopsy. — The whole of the omentum was intensely heemorrhagic

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telegraphs, it is a diseased state that is so widely spread and so often

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the lymphatic glands in the neighbourhood of the inoculated spot (in

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nate in the possession of a magnificent room for its meetings,— the Lec-

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Nothing was noted on auscultation or percussion. Respirations 26,

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and then contracts with a degree of energy greater in proportion to the

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who will then take the matter up in a more or less compulsory form.

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taries. It was thought necessary that there should be a Local Secretary


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