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antagonise the effect of chloride of barium by means of a weak solution

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leg, the bones of which were, to a considerable extent, perfectly denud-

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the lymphatics and the neighbouring lymphatic glands.

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is higher than in the Swiss Alps, the snow only lying for a few days at

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In the laboratory we can easily so modify the composition of medic-

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pain in the meatus auditorius, where sometimes an abscess formed;

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an ounce of the leaves in three ounces of alcohol. The method em-

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of fury, and soon after fell to weeping. During this her face became

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Tully, Professor of Theory and Practice of Physic, at the Vermont

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We cannot, then, recommend forcible delivery from our own observa-

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apartments." The prevalence of an epidemic principle seems to increase

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excited or turgid state of the vessels of the brain (often promoted by

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Hamburg, which has so frequently endured severe visitations. Cases

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to that of the sulphated alkaline waters described in the preceding class.

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of a woman in parturition undelivered, the calamity would be equally

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bromocriptine mesylate superior than cabergoline

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out of cold for the cold pack. If the latter be to reduce the temperature

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have here written must be regarded, not as an attempt to formulate

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up a fair amount of nourishing material to compensate increased catabo-

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then generally circumscribed, and tends to form adhesions. Occasion-

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Macfadyen. Britl.fh Medical Journal, 1894, vol. ii. Action of Sunlight on Bac-


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