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was coated ; his pulse rapid ; the bowels were disposed
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Committee of Management instead of five should form
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interaction between eldepryl and demerol
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the hospital apparently well ; but returned, after an
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ceed after making an incision. As to opium, Mr. Brown
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tetanic rigidity of both legs. The child was unable to
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-which she noticed a " lump" in the situation of the
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not, attach to any member of the ^Medical Council con-
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drug interaction between selegiline and demerol
5 o'clock the next morning, still faint, but with a better
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are so well known that little need be said about them,
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duce true typhus ; but destitution led to overcrowding,
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Forbes, John Gregory, Esq., Devonport Street, Hyde Park
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form body passing through the middle of the crus cere-
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Mr. William Adams, for sevei-al instructive papers, illus-
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pain to himself that he became implicated in tliis case,'
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by direct observation, that the smaller molecules do
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the preliminary examination for the F'ellowship; having
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with tliis when I was acting assistant-surgeon in the
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Military officers have been employed to draw up schemes
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for irrespectively of the occurrence of haemorrhage
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tal, instead of returning to it, usually repair to another.
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If you were to dig a grave for her in the nearest church-
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" That, while we hold sacred the paramount claims of
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bone, if it be not the regular deposition of mineral
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disease of an articulation, the following cases may be
the fulfilment of which may have been forgotten. Yet I
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of calomel were likewise given, and an enema of turpen-
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the unfortunate patients, but their skill proved unavail-
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that Dr. Waters had, fifteen months before, said she liad
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lasting for some short time, yet lacking a definite or
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principal emunctory of alcohol, as alcohol ; we know
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Aqueous Humour in Inflamviation of the Eyes and some
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[We have received for publication the following copy of
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is required, is simple ; an incision through the whole
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should think, however, that this would depend on the
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the Horse Artillery. He complained of his left foot ;
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of the time — the ecclesiastics; but in 1163, at the
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acted in accordance with that feeling. I ma}' be wrong
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in such a position that the rays of light which it receives
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whose age at the time of proposal does not exceed thirty


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