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excretion, before it leaves the body, by topical measures. The third end is

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tion of the liver and of the kidneys, and death may be due to the

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vaccine that was of dependable therapeutic value. It

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amination of the sputum, of the urine, of the vomitus, and of the feces. Bacterio-

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raised the question of intent on the part of the insured. It was

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the American Medical Association prints the card of a

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of gangrene, 2 secondary hemorrhages, 2 relapses in the reconstructive

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night. Awoke on the following morning with the same

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Photomicrographs of hairs from blow-fly's tongue (Fig. 30), secondary

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of the disease. In order to spread accurate information concerning zymotic

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nosticated as a typical one of rupture of the parturient uterus.

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