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The success of this case, in which the operation was so lono- de-

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most often affected ; next, the mitral and aortic ; then,

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demonstrated to our satisfaction by the ingenious researches of iVi.

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sions and hallucinations which torment and distress

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struck a dead wall. And it is equally difficult to conjecture how

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ment that the few hundreds still required will be at

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also, part of the fifth and sixth ribs on the left side, between

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he often slept on horseback for miles together. In fine, he was

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it is generally understood that its labours, if of any

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ably to be hanged in accordance with this law. There

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This is an account of researches made by [Mr. Hclke

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would, in tlie vast majority of cases, be followed by

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gery, Bachelor of Medicine, Surgeon, General Practi-

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our Journal. Would it not have been better if the two gentlemen

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trust useful, and I have had my fill of it ; I have lived

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circumstances, the operation had been attended with

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anything without rest — that is to say, rest to the

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the great Dr. Black the chemist ; no one will grudge the read-

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tity of serum here, or in any part, was not much, if at all,

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the slander called upon to substantiate its truth in a Court of

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treatment he not only did (as my dressers frequently

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ought not to exceed 0.5 grammes per litre (=35 grains

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the superficial area, so sadly insufficient in our pre-

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-H.. sutures, and the artn placed^ra as I ^^pe-'SrLTas

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Pregnancy. By GRAILY HEWITT, M.D.Lond., M.R.C.P., Phy-

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isthen released, and at liberty to wander where he listeth, a disgust-

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thirty or forty years ago. I have elsewhere shown,*

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