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sing the patient to receive at the time of administration, the full

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the apparently marvelous increase in the number of the leuco-

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drachms of matter. They strongly recommend the adoption

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These examples may serve to show the probable manner in

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showed, however, that it was caused by the embryo of Oeso-

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furnish a product containing some of the alkaloid, but the

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The Principal Baths of PJienish Germany. By Edwin Lee,

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" from 2 to 6 grains," instead of from 20 to 60 grains or more,

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extremities cold, pupils natural, respirations and pulse not

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Gradually, however, the conviction began to force itself upon

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take a fair quantity of food, though they fail to make use of it in

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among the horses in the cavalry. It has also been noted that

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there are changes in the walls of vessels with an exudate along

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njb this been observed in those cases of so- sey, Chambersburg, Pa. ; Vice-Presidents,

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this up by applying the solid nitrate of silver to the congested or

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excitement in the capillaries, which rises above the secreting point,

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paper read before the Society eighteen months ago, he mentioned

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grains. Administered in this way it is the glottis. In 1858 Bouchut brought be-

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the cause of the disease ; others view in the ous in certain parts of Africa. According

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lymph deteriorates the human race ; that it may be the means by

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brush once or twice a day, three drops at a time. Allow to

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Allouez possesses a peculiar subtele influence which acts very favorably

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of administration to employ in all these cases. But even here

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vermelirte u. verbesserte Auflage. Mit 55 in den Text

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and connecting links between the types of lesions, are fre-

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tially due to infection. The pulmonary He gives the common causes, viz :

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hyperaemic. The left pleural cavity lined with a quite thick membran-

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duces gastric intolerance. For this reason 56, we see that to administer o gramme 056

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or later coma and paralj-sis supervene and death occurs in from

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ventive inoculations now in vogue, have made it possible to

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the intellectual faculties; "because," says he, "we should not

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Wilson and Brimhall saw one animal that was four months

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creatic secretion, the cell-wall intervening, and consequently is

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from the nose or bowels occurred in several cases ; only three

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these investigations characteristic lesions were not found, the

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asitic worms is an established fact. In this dirt-eating as an effort to neutralize the

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narily is one or two days in forming. As ics is too great for absorption to take place,

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course and the disappearance of animal plagues have in a large

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which vv^ are contending. Owing to the twenty-four hours.

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deposit. I thought the case sj^philitic, but my view was contested ;

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ment of artificial eyes, which we have acquired in watching the practice at

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chemical connection of both antipyretics Avith the blood and the

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If we have not had the honor of your endorsement for Harris Lithia Water.

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disease affecting cattle. It is a specific eruptive fever occur-

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I merely desired to direct attention to the idea by which they were

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furious form, the desire and tendency to bite may be retained


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