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are generally detected ; but no organic change has been

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complicated laryngeal diphtheria of any type: Four theories have

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Effect of loco poisoning in attitude and emaciated condition;

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strong family history of gout in the father and bronchial asthma in the mother.

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* The atove explanation of the presystolic murmur is that offered by Dr Gairdner in

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show slight arteriosclerosis, which is also noticed in

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between the diphyodont normal state and the polyphyodont

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Under these circumstances, exercise, which involves an extra demand, can-

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care of," was the sensible observation of a New York bride to

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articles contributed by authors. If citation of an institution related to the

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Besredka's antigen, which did not react with syphilitic sera and was

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as he had been and his friends feared that he had sleeping-sickness.

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In the Journal dated April 20, 1871, appeared an article by John J.

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factors are usually closely associatetl, and the effect

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somewhat modified in character, may be produced by somewhat

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nearly so severe, nor was the congestion of the face nearly so

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We have ligated- some of the smaller vessels and the pedicle of the

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running into the opposite extreme of therapeutic nihilism, of mere negation

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the third series of these standard and popular volumes, are Drs.

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and was apparently perfectly healthy until she was three

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intermittent attacks of pain, continued pretty well until the latter

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lescence it is advisable to give arsenic in the form of Fowler's

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calorimeter of much greater sensitivity than those currently available will



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