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of verrucous tubercle of the skin. This affects the same situations as the

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times in other conditions without any evil results. The fact that soon

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if the unity which had been restored by the discovery of Koch was once

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health, although it has been observed that lupus patients are not long

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of urine often diminish with the onset of comatose symptoms. The urine

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Gr£«/i?, the diforder fo called, in horfes, how ^rpated^

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ed, 275. And the cullom of leaving them continually out

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a native of Preston, Ontario, and received the degree of M.B.,

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in need of radical treatment. The therapeutic test also is sometimes

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exhibited by a patient suffering from cerebral haemorrhage. The urine

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or for want of this, of fait of • hartfliorn, given in

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cases the virus is conveyed by the blood, or spreads by continuity from

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Galenic doctrine, that blood passes through invisible pores in the septum

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is the greatest of fighting beasts because he has the greatest intelligence.

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accompanying meningitis may be larger, attaining the size of a hemp seed,

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elsewhere ; the next most frequent seat is probably the pancreas, but it has

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The conclusion is that the epithelioid cells and the giant cells are

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aud it will not perform the miracles described by the over-

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In addition to the melanin pigment which is so prominent a feature

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The physical signs are those of bronchitis and emphysema. The

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the tenth rib the costal and diaphragmatic portions of the pleura are in

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well developed case the respirations are very slow, stertorous or fre-

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greatly confirmed by a horfe's being cured in a few

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as tillage and draught, the labour of which the others

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under various circumstances relate rather to surgery than to medicine, and

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Of course, there must always be men at the bottom, someone to dig in

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extension and renewed activity of the disease. Fever of a continuous type,

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vomiting is attended with less muscular effort, and the vomited material

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No one to be permitted after Julv 1 to practise medicine, as

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investigation, by means of wax-plate reconstruction. In doing this work,

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their virulence, and for the dried sputa the same is true.

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its proposer, is called one "Angstrom" and is equal to 1-100,000,000 of a

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cious than a course of Carlsbad. If it is impossible to visit Carlsbad, a fair

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deal of difference of opinion exists. In a case of auricular

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the fmall-pox was of the diftindt or of the confluent

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within it, v/hich has been but very little chewed, and


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