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ment, appUed a blister at the back of the neck. At last, it was deter-

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sidmess in these fine and roomy vessels throughout the whole

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contractile substance, and it is obvious that the essential attri-

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obliquely from without inwards and from below upwards; its form was some-

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he goes his round of the establishment, as he inspects the baths

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dereloped, the remoyal of the injured eye (the source of the irrita-

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were mechanics, total 44; 24 males and 6 females were day labourers, total 30;

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acquire an increasing value. The present volume contains

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more blood at each beat in order to supply the body,

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rable instance is presented. The prevalence and even great fatality of scor-

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inland seas, are remarkable for extremes of winter and summer, so do they ex-

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of a particular locality are modified by its physical circumstances, does the native

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long-continued blisters, of moxa, and the cautery; the spots induced by tartar

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acknowledged by the most eminent Physicians, Surgeons and Chemists, and a single

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and then when the beard comes and steals away twenty

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" We have seen that the chief causes of gout, setting aside hereditary predis-

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the unimpregnated womb. — Edin, Med. and Surg. Journ., from Bull, de r Acad.

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have fifteen at least as an average. In chapter x, part iv, the

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firmation of a similar result in the case of strychnine. By exposing

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was slightly injected, but the patient experienced no pain, and but slight in-

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central part of the state, extending from the valley of the Mohawk west-

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the part affected and the maintenance of animal heat. Next to

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by Boyer. This seems to me to be a speculative distinction, for I have seen

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The analogy between male and female orchitis is most

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cal College, &c. &c. &c. Fourth edition with numerous additions and

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intermitting fever occurring twice in the month, at the lunar

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impossible but that the electrical tension would be sufficient to affect the gal-

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experience, been so great as one in a thousand? Depones certainly not. Inter-

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owing to recent fibrinous deposits connected with them, such bodies being liable to

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powers of digestion and nutrition, and giving tone to the nervous system.

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one of the most alarming complications in operating upon these

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trichina spiralis, as to present no difficulty in supposing them capable of circu-

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case 65, in which both sides wefe affected, the affection had been

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but of which I have been favoured with the following notice. I

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