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children for the purj^ose of checking them up. It was pointed out this
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used a 1 % lysol solution. In Case 2, lysol was used
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their graves uncured. .As to the older methods he had
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have to deal with an exceptionally large mass, or with a
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Klinike Rundschait of Vienna cites a case of a young girl be-
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ing in physiological chemistry as a part of medical
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chial glands are deeply pigmented. On careful examination small
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ous, when the blood is poisoned, or when the bowel contains offensive morbid
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says, " that if the blood of a person of sound constitution be kept in a
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long sitting at stool. The inflammation which causes futile efforts at
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under the care for four years of Dr. Harold Barclay,
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immediate vicinity of the fracturo, is the first object which surgery should
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its power of floating because of the air contained in it.
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If these soldiers are now given either fruits or fresh vegetables which
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Council, so that I have little else to say. But there were a
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surgical observations of Textor, Bernard, and others, prove that
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The two periods in which an operation is distinctly contraindicated
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times, and the reduction was always accompanied by crepitation. It
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careful study of the plates will enable a correct diagnosis to be
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scabies had been vaccinated. As a result of this there had been twenty or
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injuring the nerve, may sever the central vessels outside its trunk. If a
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first group was manifest, whilst those of the second group might be treated,
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course that seen on the body, is a fairly common occurrence. It is
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phthisical patients. Some facts apparently show also
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relations between hospitals and pauperism. Tracing the his-
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sition was that it was tuberculosis. On the other hand, the mouth
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Mr. Bloxam, who was poisoned about a fortnight after
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bers of Parliament, will exert that influence by call-
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1st. The effects of tobacco when a sufficiency of food was taken to keep up
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