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lately made, viz., fastening ihe steel bands to the pubic pad liy screws,
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pect that it would be only a degree more absurd to quote the statistics
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each, the chemical composition, vapour-density, fluid-density, boiling
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relieve the community of an enormous burden. He felt sure, from
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reports and other matters of medical interest: ā€” The Indian Medical Gazette,
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strument could be introduced, but it was hazardous in cases where the
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summer, after a clearly proven fouling of the water-supply, attacked
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medical journals, or to the British Medical Association. I only wish points
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the "regulars", and which consists in loud pretension, unwarrantable
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soldiery. The carrying out of tliese arrangements of this and other so-
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other Societies for the promotion of Medical science."
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of the prayer embodied in the petition of your direct representation
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average annual mortality (1851-60) of the two subdistricts was 17.8 per
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macy. In this direction, I think, public opinion is moving; and, although pubUc
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Professor of Mineralogy : M. H. N. Story-Maskelyne, M.A.
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ment to disinfect prostitutes for the use of soldiers, and then deprive the soldiers of
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In some of my early cases, I left off the acid after a few days' use,
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The next paper was read by Mr. Harrinson, and was entitled Re-
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gangrene have already occurred ; the latter, however, ceased to spread
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mending the Editor of the Journal, if possible, to publish the maps,
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free baths and washhouses. The distribution of food, the other great
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WESTHAMPNETT UNION, Susse.-jā€” Medical Officer and Public Vaccinator for
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21,700,000, eNpends /,"2S2,coo in medical relief, the gross amount of
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had healed ā€” there arose an eruption of vesicles which gradually ex-
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