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of old necrotic changes. When polypi are extruded from the

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public policy requires that the services of < don should accompany the remains to its

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efforts to rise from his bed, and that he had a great deal of the expres-

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the examination, and the authorities at the War Department desire it distinctly understood tfcai

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and one-third in another year. Of 48 cases studied by this author in

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disease ; need we be surprised that it does not show itself as

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not enjoyed good health since the age of puberty. Uterine functions

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ceptibility of the patients must be noted. 4. Always examine

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4. In all cases associated with considerable intra-artic-

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in alcohol seemed to have exerted a direct and unfavourable influence

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Of the 930 inhabitants of Thorshavn, there were in 1875, when

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no distant day, we may have the pleasure of seeing the Stars and

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These cases present only symptoms of gastric irritation and Singer

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the floor, and trusts you will not consider him dicta-

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the nervous system itself is dejicndent for its healthy powers upon the mutual

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disposition, and where the disease has been preceded by luxurious liv-

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The instruments were removed and reapplied and in the course of a

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tion belonging to the \Jmversitj."—Flieffen(i€ Blat.

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complete, including both trunk and roots. In this way, so far as

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bodies. After keeping the preparation under observation for

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Illustrated with 10 1 engravings in the text, and four plates in colors

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wise in extension, abduction, and adduc- Case X. — Hypopituitarism. Brain Fe-

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tion of the blood in the sac, &c. It is true that the aorta may be

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century ago, was considered absolutely essential to suc-

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The contagium is fixed, or at least it can be carried only in the form


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