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the first two or three weeks from exhaustion with typhoid symptoms,
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The interstitial variety is less frequent in its occurrence than
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effusion into the capsules of the joints, with the result
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married him?' — 'No,' said she, 'he had never drunk wine,
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After fixing and hardening in 2 per cent, formalin,
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On carefully turning back a fold of the jejunum which crossed the blad-
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when he noticed a feeling of lightness about his body and a
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succeeds in the cases to which it is applicable, is less painful, and not liable
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mon. Delirium is not an infrequent occurrence. The entire body is either
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students of tbe Kutais gymnasium.] Vestnik oftalinol.,
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foetus itself, or some morbid condition secondary to disease in the mother,
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are able to recognize tuberculosis in its incipient stages and
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entered the Infirmary, to rheumatism. I then adopted quite an opposite
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better sanitary accommodation. At least 400 cubic feet of air
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The circumstances under which it was proclaimed were
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tions acompanying his report have already been adopted, and
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