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in ascertaining the exact position of the broken part of the acromion process,
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may be necessary to add a few drops of formalin or chloroform to
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is usually a part of the small intestine, and quite generally
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success. The time-robbing character of a modern mental exam-
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the means to an end which cannot be equalled by any
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knife, the point to be inserted, and the opening so made enlarged
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as an independent affection is practically never made in the
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pursued by his most valued teachers, including the honoured
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produced within five minutes of his taking any kind of acid.
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of an artificial eczema, it has been proposed to rub the skin with para-
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prochiced by mere h>'pereniia, and are most apt to occur during the early stages:
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account of the complete fixation of the crico-arytaenoid articulation. He did
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in, that are worse in a warm room, better iu the open
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irregular ; in four hours more the animal was left for the night ;
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in so far as the description of the drugs is concerned, for
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more or less backward curved ai'ches ; that is, in irritation of the papillar,
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derations, will assist the enquiries of justice. To
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whiskey, diluted with hot or cold water. Digitalis I pre-
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473 A Brief History of Graduate Medical Education in Wash-
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sweats, apprehension, loss of weight, down-heartedness.
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We cannot recommend the work more highly than to advise our readers
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was infused subcutaneously with saline solution, after
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