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meant the summer, because from October to April there was
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Selection, by Mr. G. J. Romanes, contains an important
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ferences between the local authorities and the experienced
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were 113 below the average, and were equal to an annual rate of 4.2 per
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number, lessen in severity also ; and as they are both fewer
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pose of 1,000 tons of solid refuse, and 50 million gallons of liquid
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paralysis. — A discussion followed in which Mr. Bower, Dr.
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which recent research has thrown much light— how much is
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For such multifarious duties, carried on in tlie hot weather over an
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than .30 ^ ears of aae. Salary, £t0u per annum, with furnished apart-
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MacGregok-Kayb.— On February 8th, at All Saints', Cawthorne, by the
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thetics, the remarks of Dr. Bidding had his entire sympatliy,
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Council would in this case, any more than in the case of the
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" Ogston's " and " Maoewea's osteotomy," and justly so
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counted for by the inability of the tired and defective muscles
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Ever since Schwann had given the name of cytoblastema to
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the reports prepared by his assistant witliout being able even to
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mittee have no hesitation in recommending that weasels,
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called "determinants." These, again, are definitely grouped
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the standard of surgical morality and to endanger the charac-
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' As in the case of the acid dye the transfer of the stain to the tissue
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able, the question has long been — What are we to do ? Up to
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woman aged ■!:;, a servant, had been in good health and active work until
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to try the treatment, so that we may soon have sufficient
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throw a flood of light on local outbreaks of which the origins
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child is caught more or less by the muscular ring at the exit
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*,* We are aware of the figures which Mr. Williams quotes,
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days, amounting respectively to 1,680 c.c. and 2,300 c.c. In
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were fully detailed ia the Joorn-al of January 2Sth, p. 201.
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duties of an office which, however honourable, are ex-
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The vessels in the pia mater were distended ; some had ampullar dilata-
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the rectum and pushed up as high as possible, a tube having
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and there was no appearance of recurrence of growth at this
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the Annual Address. Election of Officers and Council for
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