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observe that this is absolutely necessary in order that they may supply
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appear to trouble themselves about carrying out the resolutions arrived
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We see that all the six red divisions have an extensive sea-board, ex-
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to the public health, should only be open to persons whose qualifica-
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on them ; and that the patient's limb remains in a proper position on
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thirty-five drachms. The chloroform was dropped upon a single strip
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these sanitary matters, and we shall be glad to have our attention called
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bers of the Committee, in this, that they, the members of the Medical
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helpers in his parish, as Sunday school teachers, men often starting
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be invited to a conference, so that steps may be immediately taken to
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country, she had the same blood as ourselves— the Danish and Norman
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first year, £42 for second year, and ^10 los. for each succeeding year.f
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sufficed nor ever can do so. Clauses 18, 32, and 36, of the Act assign the
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ipecacuanha had been introduced into France as a nostrum, under the
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Besides, although some anatomists mention anterior and posterior
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such a-s no other means could possibly contribute. He stated this
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soning, of induction ; to encourage them by example, and to point the
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not to blame. They had no power under the Act of 1S58 to remedy
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rubbed with laudanum and atropine. Meanwhile, the patient's condition
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Again, a mean winter temperature considerably higher, and a rainfall
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improvements, the progress of the whole country in sanitary improve-
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slightest doubt on the point, let him read Dr. Wilson's able "Notes
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The German system of transport is in two parts — one organised by
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at Plymouth, that nothing shall be wanting, so far as industry can go,
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nation has employed this designation of a professor of physics to mean
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surgeons (all medical men in Germany have the same chassical and
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creased vitality was resistance from within and without to the disturbing
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certificate to practise, on Thursday, September 15th, 1870.
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towels, etc., should be placed ; having been kept there some time, the things may
is an open question." And yet, in a letter replying to Dr. Pavy, lie re-
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the contrary, we think it a desirable if not a necessary appendage to the
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ligence department. All these wants could not be accurately forecast;
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Books I and \l. Latin Grammar, with — In April, Ca:sar, De Belto Gallico, Books
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are daily marched out of Sedan, on their road to Germany. To-day I
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