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that these rays which have traversed the patient's body are

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of insanity. Setting aside the extreme states of demen-

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of a lady, aged 50, of strong constitution, in whom since her childhood, the frequency of

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inch to several inches in diameter ; it is, essentially, a

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cusp of the mitral valve arises from the aortic ring, but as a rule

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dents may ensue after operation upon the urinary organs, when the

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a local manifestation of a general condition ; was it

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De Brun, Nouvelle ^^tude sur Taction therapeutique du sulfate de cinchonidine.

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Austrians, also, as represented by Dr. Hebra, approve of the

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primarily tubercular, that the worst thing which can happen to them is

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hypnotic anaesthesia the same anaemia of the brain that is

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|s of scrutiny. Your control over patient therapy is

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of myeline, the latter taking up the stain ; or the myeline is granular,

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poisonous chemical combinations occurred, and in part cocco-

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insoluble and settles to the bottom; the milk of lime must therefore

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to the operation on the score of diagnosis is now removed by our present

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A very good and simple rem.edy is one ounce of oil of

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of papers describing epidemics in comparatively re-

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inwards. The paralysis of the levator palpebrse superioris prevents the

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severe typhoid fever. It lasts two or three days. It is sometimes inter-

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(1) A comparatively common form presents the appearance of distinct

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stools; weaker solutions should be used for sponging the

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wet-nurse to a lovely infant, who was taken suddenly ill

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attack may be due to an increased uric acid production, or to the possi-

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enough to give daily three grams of quinine muriate

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may have their lives prolonged and cease to be u source of

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time, so that the paralyzed tongue may fall forward. If the

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things : categorically and absolutely to deny that he

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which they contain to large areas of the earth's surface, on which

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guinea pigs. With the blood obtained from these three cows 14

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results are reported in gastroduodenal ulcer treatment.

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the curve of illumination for visual rays? Graphic illustra-

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freshly-boiled, or sublimated water should be used.

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Treatment should consist of repeated large doses of caffeine,

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House of Delegates, which included information on Medi-

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and permanently arrested ; the great difference between the two

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the pericardium and lung, and between the latter and the

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