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the delusions, which are already quite pronounced, assume more and more the

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Institutes of Medicine, Materia Medica (including Practical Pharmacy),

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^ *# »»f4« » loutf w«f«. THU win oaiy to t{»

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comes to him at once if he hears the word. It is much harder to speak a

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attached for one year to such military and civil hospitals as the Surgeon-

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or permanent; Endemic Diseases; Birth rates and Death rates; the

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monoplegia paresis and contractures, and contracted pupils. Nevertheless, fre-

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most of the cases occur in the summer and autumn. The fact should also be

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either in this TJniyersity or at any imiyersity or board of which, the

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of respiratory paralysis or cardiac weakness. The autopsy shows a hemor-

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pain, and temperature. They think that there are three afferent systems in

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Pecfwmary Aid, — ^Four yearly achola/rshi/ps have been established of

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may reach as high as 200,000 or more per For the greater part these

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The various and almost contradictory theories as to the nature of gout have

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Students of medicine and other students desiring to study anatomy are strongly

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(Charcot and others) still prevails to a great extent, that secondary descend-

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8. The number of marks gained in these subjects will be added to the total

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• &. Diagram the life cycle of ttif opiwft parasites of dogs and cats. '.

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1. The BaooMBfol candidates will be required to beoome general stadents of

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ThB mlitary-develc^jed curriculisn mat e rial s in \his- oourse

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the first or second examination at a tmiyersitj or other qnalifying^

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said that when the symptoms first come on they may be averted by restoring

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CaIiIFOBNIA. — ^The regulations resemble those of Alabama.

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centers. It is sometimes called chorea minor, in contradistinction from what

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malarial neuralgias, which are directly dependent upon the malarial infection,

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53B. Toxicology — An advanced conference and laboratory course dealing with the

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Clarke" (elementary). Jfedicme—" Roberts " or "Bristow" (advanced),

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It is probable that the use of " polished " or machine-milled rice may be a

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The entire course of the disease occupies only a few days in very acute

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MatricuUxtion. — ^English Grammar and Oomposition; Arithmetic;

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6. Tlw otst wty of sloirtfig down rtsptrltion and othtr lift processes is •

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medical officer in some department of the pubUc service. But

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Medicine and Surgery, together with Pathology and Forensic Medicine.

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dependence of the different disturbances. Is the atrophy of the anterior


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