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rarely vomiting and purgiug, restlessness, salivation, loss of

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cupped to the extent of live ounces at the back of the neck. Reac-

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spect to the whole, is a refectory or common dining hall for conva-

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■>f sound health, free from any abnormal condition; or one who will

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this gaseous poison the secret cause of the unhealthiness of such localities ? "

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Iq the house where this family resided ; all of which, affected in a

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the cardiac force and frequency, and cause vascular dilata-

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lived sixty-six hours after the operation. There was no post-mortem

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purely acid taste. Spec. gr. about 1.213. Freely miscible

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stimulants should be employed subcutaneously. Potassium

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neutralized by milk of lime ; calcium sulphate is expressed,

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with lard or oil (1-10), is an excellent agent for burns which

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anti-fat eaters ; in the former we find entire absence of j»hthisis pul-

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Fatty Concrktiovs disch.vrged from the Bowels. — At tlie last meet-

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an accidental coincidence, and not by any means of the same impor-

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He was buried by his comrades, in tlie sandy beach of Roanoke,

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The difference of opinion respecting the condition of the heart

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the revival of the Association as a matter of so much importance at

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in some quarters its use is looked upon as the sign of partiality and

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numerous and imp(jrtant. The whole number received, including both

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hot and dry. Not much thirst. Was seen by Dr. Wyman, in consul-

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The author, who occupies a prominent position in the Medical Fa-

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by the c-ompensating laws of nature to be discharged. This may be

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first intention. The early advocates of this plan of treatwient in amputations were English

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Action and Uses. — Castor oil probably contains some

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strictly adhered to, not only up to the time of conhnement, but

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ointment" of veterinary medicine used for the cure of

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depress and jaaralyze the respiratory centre. The respira-

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foot, producing fissures, wliich have long had the name of " rhagades

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ence and literature now be called to deliver lectures within its walls,

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apparently extending through its whole thickness, of whitish depo-

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however, many important reforms which require the powerful influence

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or chloroform as an ansesthetic, because it is not so safe, nor

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Dose.—B.. & C., 3 i.-iv. (30.-120.); D., 3 i.-iv. (4.-15.).

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in the pregnant, and " heat " is hastened in the non-

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appear. There are giddiness, difficult breathing, and slow

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consideration, the Trustees of the Sheppard Asylum have commenced

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2d. The existence of severe sciatica as a secondary symptom,

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classical arrangement is essential in order that the old Latin

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eight were fatal, if we include the two cases of doubtful prognosis ;

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pav. &c^ of private j)h\>l<ijnf, contracted in 1801 - 915,0.52 91

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ed the whole system. Stomach-pump and emetics, &c., could be of

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