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very much without having any effect on the paroxysms. Yarious other

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without Fainting : this I fay, if it is done three or

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I stated to a professional friend of the old school, the result of

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vomiting and diarrhoea of gastro -enteritis and this cerebral diarrhaa

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presented to us last year. It was a day of small things then, when,

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Dr. Hunt exhibited a pathological specimen of carcinoma uteri.

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appear to run about 1.25 to 1.5 microns. They give dimensions of their

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portance. I mentioned before, that we frequently observe flying pains,

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the collateral current y and 07ily from time to time find means of entering .

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it would have reappeared on the 10th of March. Pits occurred on the

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the same morbid cause, aud not the results of inflammation. You

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teaspoonful of clear sub-arachnoid effusion. Now this is a point to

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when they were immediately mitigated. The pulse was never quickened,

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that the diversity of modes of application of heat,

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toms of poisoning of the system, as shown by the tormina and affection

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emetic may be dissolved in a pint of barley water, and of this mixture

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Carbolic acid may be deodorized by mixing it in a crystallized

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fpetb to heat and moifture -, and of a Nitrous Quali-

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profit we can from the fact that the call of Wood and other leaders

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or maculated fever. A few observations descriptive of the present epidemic

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the Capillaries in Inflammation — Case of deficient circulation in the legs — Dr.

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scribed by Dr. Bright ; the occurrence of one positive exception is suf-

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usually either boys of improbable badness, or boys of impossible

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treatment, and that they are, as a role, syphilitic.

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and that the sequence of morbid phenomena should be uninterrupted

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face, and carefully avoiding all motion. About the latter end of July, the

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morning and enquired after him, everything was reported to have gone

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through them. The former condition is usually an indication of dimi-

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lirium or stupor, will not call for food, though requiring it ; and that if

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M.D., Pittsburg; N. F. Cooke, M.D. , Chicago ; W. H. Holcombe,

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the end; and if there be a doubt in the mind of the instructor as to the effect of an


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