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fourteen years been the suliject of a sero sanguineous
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by the paper manufacturers and also of cotton clothes having come so
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in the superior mesenteric artery befoie the entrance of sud
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Therefore how reliably can one truly draw a distinction from the
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the very best hygienic and aseptic surroundings and circumstances and
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of industry. The work we are confident will be a very im
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eruption very different from the rosy lenticular spots of typhoid fever and
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seen in the small spaces or vacuities found sometimes in granite occupied by
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The annual report of Dr. Archibald Mott for St. Andrew s shows that
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Action for this study was initiated by this Branch in I via the
jury of the bone. Their density and indefinite outline indicate a
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pounds. No structural changes apparent to the naked eye.
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and Inhibition of the Gastric Secretion Which Follows the Suhcu aieous
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R st is the great desideratum in chronic infiammation
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is composed of men tarnestly interested in the hospital. In order to
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they are not found uniform. They should in good eyes represent
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hands of tbe Secretary of the City Hospital Club Dr.
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denum as the albuminate. But in any event the greater por
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Holding these in the hands she straightens the arms out
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public and profession in the selection of the section in
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plank fracturing his skull. When about years of age he began
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point Kim took a moment to absolve us of any obliga
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ment regimental surgeon Sanitary Company including sani
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Dr. Manson asserts it is the form of pneumonia generally seen
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Our author finds from an examination of his cases that the
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from flies was at once relieved and the cases of enteric
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the patient becoming anemic emaciated even cachectic and
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forms of jaundice occurring in cases of moderate severity. Pwt
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resolution I should feel bound to vote for it although I consider the
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More recently however Wallgren in a study on experimental
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satisfaction with which its use is continued. We have only to
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News a summary of the report of a commission appointed to ex
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nald Clinton may have somewhat perplexed the reader.
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commonly present except in young children but its presence must not be
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Etiology. The causes of chronic phthisis are general and local.
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This preparation is also sold in powdered form and in five grain
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From this time suppuration ceased and the healing process
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tissue seems irrational and antiquated. If iuipairment of nutri
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instituted which consumed three days for which he was paid fifty
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that we can induce diabetes experimentally by irritating
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jelly then adding a little barley meal or meal of lupins and
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Voted That as the Censors are Officers acting for the State


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