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treated by the use of hot saline infusions first and
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and especially its pathology. Epilepsy is one of the
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the Naval Hospital, L.ts Animas, Colo., and ordered
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be fatal. The object of operation is to drain the pan-
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descriptive appellation of "alkaloid." On account of
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this was believed to be due to the fact that the Jews
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shape, their functions, and certain general and dis-
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test, modified). The cells in the fluid were diminished
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ostomy is in its main features an established fact ;
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\We publish full lists of books received, but zve acknowl-
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tis or during the progress of a prolonged nephritis,
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is the bearer of heritable characters, citing Boveri,
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out that we should not be discouraged into abandon-
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system, respectively. With regard to the first, there
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the organism as a whole is able to preserve an equi-
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deaths ; German measles, 2 cases, o deaths. Twelve cases
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which accompanies it is one of its inost distressing
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diagnostic. The respirations are slow, shallow, and
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ing to build up an all year round residence and practice. Call or
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Rational Dietary. New York : Frederick A. Stokes Com-
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wastes with reference to their effects on interstate, water
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